'Golden Bachelor' standouts Susan and Kathy get real about dating after 60: 'People our age have been invisible so long'

They also give their thoughts on "Golden Bachelor" Gerry Turner and wife Theresa Nist living separately.

Kathy Swarts, left, and Susan Noles arrive at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 1 in Los Angeles. (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Forget roses: Former Golden Bachelor contestants Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts are too busy eyeing their social media direct messages to obsess over flowers.

While the bubbly pair both left the ABC show before Gerry Turner got down on one knee for Theresa Nist in the inaugural season finale, that hasn’t stopped them from checking out potential suitors who might have offers of their own. That said, the single ladies have a few ground rules.

“I've had like three or four guys, 35 to 40 years old,” Swarts, 70, told Yahoo Entertainment about the number of men who’ve approached her through messaging. “I'm not going to be a nurse or a purse, and I'm not going to raise another child.”

She admitted that she hasn’t seen a ton of men shooting their shots over social media, but that hasn’t stopped her from wanting to enjoy life, whether or not dating is part of the equation.

“You know what I think? They're scared of us. Short and simple. They're scared. We are both big personalities,” Swarts said, referring to Noles too. “We say what we think, and not all men can handle that…This is the last chapter of our lives, and I want it to be the best chapter of my life. I've only got 50 more years.”

“I don't, so hurry up,” Noles, 67, added with a laugh. “Let's enjoy what's left, and that's the main thing. I’m totally fine on my own. I mean, I have friends like Kathy. I have tons and tons of friends. The intimacy and somebody that makes you feel special is what I miss.”

Speaking of intimacy, they aren’t afraid of getting into deep topics, even sex, which is a subject they discussed on the first episode of their new podcast with the franchise, Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour.

“We got to find the guy first,” Swarts said about how much sex is the right amount to have in a week.

“It just depends on how much energy you put out that day or how romantic he was. He could have it five times a week if he does the right move,” Noles added. “My guy’s gonna have stamina, baby, or little blue pills.”

When it comes to “stamina” and needing the help of “little blue pills,” Swarts told Yahoo Entertainment that conversations like those have mostly played in the background, if at all, on television and beyond.

“People our age have been invisible so long. Ageism exists,” she said. “I hate to admit it, but it does, and I think we are a refreshing new face and new voice about the possibilities in life, and it feels great to be able to be a part of that.”

Swarts did take exception to Noles’s weekly count, given the strength of their own friendship.

“It's not happening five times a week because Susan and I have to talk, and that's just gonna get in the way,” she said.

So what do the 'Golden' alums think of Gerry and Theresa’s marriage?

While their journey to love with Turner wasn’t successful, they’re rooting for him and Nist, along with the choices the pair are making as a couple — which have made headlines of their own.

The couple are reportedly living separately in different states.

“Oh my God, that's all the rage today, isn't it? They're just figuring it out. They love each other,” Noles said.

Susan Noles with Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist.
'The Golden Wedding': Susan Noles with Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist. (James Clark/Disney via Getty Images)

Who do they think will be the new 'Golden Bachelorette'?

ABC confirmed in February that there would officially be a Golden Bachelorette season in 2024, but there is no word yet on who will be the lead. Based on the history of the franchise, it’ll most likely be someone who was on a previous show, which, in this case, would be the first Golden Bachelor season.

The network highlighted the success of The Golden Bachelor in its announcement of the new series. The Bachelor spin-off hit a viewership of 43.4 million on linear and streaming platforms after 35 days of viewing. It was also ABC's No. 1 unscripted series of the season and the No. 1 unscripted series premiere ever on Hulu.

So who will be named the Golden Bachelorette? As of now, it’s still a mystery.

Noles and Swarts wondered if younger castmates Faith Martin, Joan Vassos, Leslie Fhima or Nancy Hulkower might be chosen as the lead. That said, they’re open to other possibilities.

“Maybe we should do a double,” Noles quipped. “Give them a run for their ratings.”