Golden Bachelor Recap: Who Did Gerry Send Home? Plus, The Women Tell All!

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Gerry had a terrible decision to make this week on The Golden Bachelor… and this week’s episode made us wait a terribly long time to find out what that decision was.

We pick up where we left off, with Gerry trembling and in tears as Faith and Theresa wait to see who will get the final rose after he gave Leslie the first one. “I know what I want to do,” Gerry tells Jesse. “I just don’t want to do it.” But first: It’s time for The Women Tell All! Jesse tells us we’ll get back to Gerry’s choice later, but he brings in all of Gerry’s ladies for a rowdy reunion, with Sandra setting the tone by leading everyone in a bleeped-out meditation chant.

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Jesse grills Kathy about her feud with Theresa, and Kathy admits she could’ve been more delicate, but she doesn’t have any problem with Theresa now. We’re treated to a montage about the awful gas Susan got from Edith’s guacamole, and Natascha bills herself as “a pro-aging coach and a midlife maven,” giving us the immortal quote: “Life be life-in’, baby.” Amen to that. Plus, Susan gets a special message of support from… her celebrity doppelganger Kris Jenner: “Love your style. Love the hair. You nailed it, doll.”

The Golden Bachelor The Women Tell All
The Golden Bachelor The Women Tell All

Jesse starts to dig a little deeper with the ladies, starting with Joan, who seemed to have a real spark with Gerry before she left early to tend to her family. Joan’s daughter had just had a baby and was struggling with postpartum depression, but she’s doing fine now, Joan reports. She did see a future with Gerry, though, and they could’ve worked out if she stayed, she thinks.

Then Jesse brings down pickleball champ Ellen, who still gets emotional watching her breakup with Gerry: “I just saw an amazing life with him.” Jesse mentions Ellen’s friend Roberta, a huge Bachelor fan who had Stage 4 cancer and passed away before the season aired. Ellen says they were friends for 60 years, and when she returned from filming, Roberta was in a semi-comatose state. Ellen knew she was suffering, and she told her friend: “We’re gonna watch the show, just from different places.” Even Jesse is getting misty at this point — and so are we! But Ellen shares an emotional hug with Roberta’s daughter Courtney, who’s there in the audience.

The Golden Bachelor Jesse Gerry
The Golden Bachelor Jesse Gerry

Gerry comes out to face the music, and he tells Jesse he wasn’t embarrassed to kiss so many of these ladies on camera: “Granddaughters be damned, I was having the fun time of my life.” Sandra compliments him by saying, “You are not just a gentleman. You are a gentle man.” (Agreed!) Joan tells him she’ll always wonder what might’ve happened between them if she stayed, but she knows he’s made a strong connection with someone and wishes them all the best. But now it’s time to head back to that tense rose ceremony: Gerry collects himself and picks up that second rose and hands it to… Theresa.

Faith is devastated, and Gerry is too, and he walks her out, telling her how wonderful it was to meet her family. They share a warm hug as they say goodbye, but on the ride home, Faith says she’s just numb and wonders if their connection was all in her head. She joins Jesse on the live show, and the wound is still raw for her; she hadn’t opened herself up to love like that in 20 years. Gerry comes out to join them, and he and Faith hug and cry together for a long time in silence. She tells him that when he walked her out, “it was like I was looking at a stranger.” But Gerry insists that what they had “was not nothing,” and he did genuinely love her. He feels guilty that he promised her family he would protect her heart, “and I broke that promise. That’s so awful.” They share one final hug, and Faith whispers to him, “I’ll always love you, Gerry.” Awww!

Jesse wraps things up with the traditional blooper montage, highlighted by Sandra confessing she has “lower GI seriousness” and ripping an epically long fart during a confessional. (Wow, are these women grosser than any Bachelorette cast full of frat dudes? They might be.) Then we get a preview for next week, with Gerry jetting down to Costa Rica with Leslie and Theresa for fantasy suites. “People my age still knock boots,” he reminds us — yes, and they still say “knock boots,” too! Leslie straight-up asks him when he last had sex, and we hear him tell her, “I think you’re the one.” But his family seems to have doubts about one of the final two women, and Gerry is struggling once again to make a choice: “I took a good person, and I broke their heart.”

So who will Gerry pick: Leslie or Theresa? And what was your favorite moment from The Women Tell All? Join us in the comments, Bachelor Nation, and share your thoughts.

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