The Golden Bachelor’s Leslie Used to Date Prince

Leslie, The Golden Bachelor
(Photo Credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
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The premiere of The Golden Bachelor last week had us seeing purple. Purple Rain, that is! When it was revealed that one of the aspiring contestants once dated Prince!

The Golden Bachelor sees 72-year-old Gerry Turner’s journey towards a second shot at love, and the adventure has begun in earnest with the dashing bachelor meeting his lovely potential partners.

On Thursday’s premiere, we were introduced to 64-year-old Leslie, a fitness instructor and choreographer from Minneapolis. She shared that when she was younger, she dated the music icon and that he wrote a song about her!

A fabulous first impression

And that wasn’t the only reason Leslie made an impression on the dashing new bachelor. She exited the limousine in a nightgown with the help of a walker.

Always the gentlemen, Gerry went to help her, and that’s when Leslie threw the walker aside. She ripped off her nightie, and asked the surprised bachelor, “Do I look like I need help?”

It was a big first impression, which was only made even more fabulous when Leslie shared the identity of a famous former flame in her video package.

“Fun fact, when I was younger, I dated Prince,” she said. She added the bold claim, saying, “And he wrote ‘Sexy Dancer’ about me.” Wow!

For reference, “Sexy Dancer” appeared on the 1979 Prince self-titled album and features lyrics like “Sexy Dancer, you got my body screamin’…” Okay, we see you, Leslie!

Still looking for love

The Golden Bachelor contest has undoubtedly made a splash. She added that she went on the show because something was still missing in her life.

“I have really good friends and family, so my life is really full, but it’s missing a big piece: love.” she shared. “Ironically, I was married twice for seven years, so I haven’t had a lifelong partner, but I’m so ready for it.”

So when she heard about the Golden Bachelor and found out about Gerry, she was thrilled. “I was like, ‘Move over bitches!'”

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Leslie on the show. Alongside being a fitness instructor and dancer, her bio shares that she runs marathons, is also a professional skater, and “hates mice.”

Can’t wait to see how Leslie does as Gerry navigates this new journey!

The Golden Bachelor continues Thursdays on ABC.


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