'Gold Rush' Tony Beets Fights for Survival After Shutting Down Plant

Gary Trock

The new season of "Gold Rush" is going to be a tough one for veteran miner Tony Beets after he was forced to shut down multiple plants before he started digging.

In a preview clip of the new season, Beets explains to his family that the water permits didn't come through and they were going to have to shut down multiple plants.

One of Beets' co-stars, Parker Schnabel, is in a similar situation with his own water licenses, and in Alaska, if you don't have a valid permit to draw water from a local source to operate your machinery, your plant won't run.

Beets' children and crewmembers, Monica, Kevin and Mike, are upset about the news, but he tells them that they will face a $20,000 per day fine if they don't comply.

The reality star, who hails from the Netherlands, is irate over the fact he's spent millions of dollars on machinery that he can't even use.

"Sucks to be me," Beets said to the camera and added that they needed to figure out something or the family will have major problems.

Beets was dealt a worse deck than his mining co-star because Schnabel was able to at least obtain a permit for one year, which gives him a chance to mine as much as possible.

Perhaps sensing there was going to be a crisis in the Klondike, the third miner on the show, Rick Ness, has moved his entire operation up to a small town in the Yukon.

The 10th season of "Gold Rush" premieres Friday, October 11, at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.