'Gold Rush' Star Tony Beets Blows His Stack After Mining Site Floods

"Gold Rush" star Tony Beets was shocked when he showed up ready to mine some gold and realized he should have brought a snorkel! On the next episode of the hit Discovery Channel reality series, gold mining veteran Beets loses his cool after his daughter Monica's site flooded from meltwater by the surrounding mountains.

Beets shows up to the site only to find out that he has the place to himself, with Monica nowhere to be found. After multiple attempts on the radio, he is informed that Monica is out sick for the day ... which isn't the news Beets wanted to hear.


'Gold Rush' Tony Beets Fights for Survival After Shutting Down Plant


Without Monica to help, Beets gets Kevin on the radio and instructs the crewmember he needs to bring a pump and start to drain the cut. Unfortunately, things don't go well for Kevin as he's unable to clear the trees while trying to navigate the pump into a narrow passageway. Beets screams for him to watch out, but it seems that Kevin is fully taking out a tree, and it's unclear whether there will be more damage done to nature or the machinery.

Season So Far

It's been a rough season of "Gold Rush" for Tony Beets, as he started off informing his crew that they were unable to secure water licenses on the mining sites they had and were going to have to look for new ground.

Luckily, he's been able to pull things around and currently sits with over 600 oz of gold for the season. Even though it's a hefty amount of bling, it still puts Beets behind "Gold Rush" co-star Parker Schnabel, who currently sits atop the leaderboard with over 1000 oz of gold.

Monica's Mining Site

Part of the reason for the turnaround in the season can be attributed to Beets' daughter, Monica, venturing out and finding new ground to mine. A recent episode of "Gold Rush" showcased Monica's attempt at prospecting, including a tense moment between herself and her father as he surveyed her progress and tested to see if they'd be able to mine the ground.

It looked dismal at first, but Monica was able to find some remnants of gold, which led her dad to believe she was on to something good. Turns out they were right.

Who is Monica Beets?

25-year-old Monica Beets is the only daughter in the Beets family and has three brothers. Her mining career began at the age of 12 when her father put her in charge of a front-end loader. By 16 she was working as a full-time crewmember and by 18 she was the crew supervisor. She has spoken about rising through the ranks as a woman and doing it at such a young age.

"They’d look at you and think, 'What do you know, you’re just a girl?' But the fact is, I did know a lot. And with Tony Beets to back me up, they knew they had to do as I said!"

When not mining for gold, Monica, who is married, spends time in Dawson City where she is building a house and working on getting certified as a paramedic.

New episodes of "Gold Rush" air Fridays at 9 PM on Discovery.