Going There with Vic Mensa: How Vulnerability Is a Super Power

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On this episode of Going There, Dr. Mike sits down with rapper, songwriter, and actor Vic Mensa to take a deep, thoughtful look at the his mental health journey and the power of vulnerability.

The Grammy-nominated artist and founder of the artist collective Save Money has been a long-time mental health advocate. In addition to Save Money, he’s also the founder of SaveMoneySaveLife, a non-profit organization designed to promote mental health and environmental justice.

Chatting with Dr. Mike, Mensa dives into the importance of self-image, responsibility, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. He then explores the steps he’s taken to live a more positive, grateful life:

“I spent a lot of time working on transforming and revolutionizing my thought process,” he explains. “I do realize that, for the vast majority of my life, negative thoughts just played on a feedback loop, on an unconscious program. And they completely ruled they show, they ran the show. And I didn’t actively try to counteract them — I didn’t know that I could have any impact or any say.”

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Also be sure to check out Vic Mensa’s new album, Victor, which is set to drop on September 15th.

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Those in need of mental health assistance can check out the Sound Mind Live resources page for a list of helplines, community programs, therapy links, and more.

Season 4 of Going There with Dr. Mike is brought to you by AbbVie, who is driving the pursuit of better mental health. Over the last 30 years, AbbVie’s scientists and clinicians have worked to tackle the complexity of mental illness and today offer a portfolio of medicines and a pipeline of innovation that spans depression, anxiety, bipolar 1 disorder, and schizophrenia. To learn more about AbbVie’s work to support individuals throughout their mental health journey, please visit www.AbbVie.com or follow at AbbVie on TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube, and LinkedIn.

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Going There with Vic Mensa: How Vulnerability Is a Super Power
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