GODZILLA: MINUS ONE Shoes May Soon Be Available for You to Buy

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Get ready to stomp on buildings like Godzilla himself because the epic Godzilla: Minus One shoes you saw on the Oscars red carpet may soon be available for purchase. In case you missed it, let’s catch you up. The entire Godzilla: Minus One team came to the Oscars with the best fashion statement of all: shoes inspired by Godzilla: Minus One, which feature our favorite monster decorating the heel. And honestly, they are some of the best bits of nerdy fashion I’ve seen in a minute. Let’s roar into more details on the shoe and, more importantly, how you can own it.

More About the Godzilla: Minus One Shoes

Here are the Godzilla: Minus One shoes in action. As you can see, the shoe works for both men and women by simply swapping out a normal heel with a Godzilla claw. Why didn’t we think of that?

These shoes are obviously god-tier—some might say Kaiju-tier. Not only do they look intensely epic, but they are also very sensible heels. Godzilla salutes this fashion and function decision. And we salute this truly iconic nerdery. Godzilla: Minus One deserved to win its Oscar, the first for the Godzilla franchise, for many reasons. But if nothing else, we would have voted for its victory simply for these shoes.

Can You Buy the Godzilla: Minus One Shoes?

Of course, the next natural question is, are these amazing Godzilla: Minus One shoes for sale? And the answer is probably yes, AND. The designer responsible for the shoes stepped forward to reveal themselves after it was clear there was much love for the Godzilla heel. Matsui Ryosuke was the designer who created the Godzilla: Minus One footwear. It seems that Matsui Ryosuke actually has actually designed many shoes with unique heels including hands for heels and vampire teeth for heels. But by the looks of things, Matsui Ryosuke created a Godzilla shoe and a Godzilla boot.

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Godzilla Minus One red boot
Matsui Ryosuke
Godzilla Minus One Shoe men heel
Matsui Ryosuke
Godzilla Minus One black boot
Matsui Ryosuke
Godzilla Minus One Shoe women heel
Matsui Ryosuke

The designer shared on Twitter, “Thank you very much for paying attention to the shoes we made. We created these shoes in collaboration with “Godzilla Minus One.” There is a possibility that we may be able to sell the stock in a little while, so if you are interested, please wait for information from us.”

We will definitely be waiting for that as we daydream about getting to stomp around in these shoes.