Goat with disability has very cuddly friendship with rescued cat

These two beautiful animals have found a second chance at the Black Dog Farm and Rescue in Texas. Hemingway is a huge cat with extra toes (polydactyl). He's a 23 pound lovebug who cuddles and sits in laps for as many hours each day as he can get away with. And now, he has found a cuddly friend in Judi, one of the newest arrivals at the sanctuary. She's a tiny, underdeveloped goat who has spastic paresis, a condition that renders her back legs almost useless. Judi manages to walk on her front legs as if she is doing a handstand. She receives multiple sessions of physiotherapy and massage each day to help with her comfort level. Because Judi requires so much care, she lives in the house with the dogs and cats. This means that she must wear a doggy diaper to prevent messes. She has become very attached to Hemingway and she nudges him and pokes him with her nose as they cuddle. Hemingway is a gentle soul and he tolerates this very well. Black Dog Farm and Rescue was created to give the most needy and desperate animals a second chance. They help dogs, cats, cows, goats, chickens, and even guinea pigs. This wonderful farm is a rescue for animals whose treatment would be too costly or too difficult for most people to manage. And they take in their share of animals that are simply unwanted or abandoned by people who never deserved a pet in the first place. Many animals here are placed in carefully selected forever homes where they receive the love and care that they deserve. Others find their forever home right here. Jim and Jennifer run this sanctuary with their two children. Judi has become so attached to 13 year old Kennedy that she cries pitifully if Kennedy leaves the room, even briefly. Black Dog Farm and Rescue is active on Facebook and their posts are inspirational, funny, and occasionally sad. But many of the stories are about triumph and love and the good that can be done with determination and a true love for animals. Jennifer and her family have hearts of gold and they accomplish the impossible for these wonderful rescues. They are always grateful for any financial support that is offered.