Gladys Knight Drops 60 Lbs. in Two Months on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Although Gladys Knight didn’t take home the winning trophy on “Dancing with the Stars,” the singing sensation says she shimmied her way thin during her run on the ABC reality series.

After being voted off the show last night, the 67-year-old was still celebrating because she dropped a significant amount of weight during her two-month run on the show. How much? 60 lbs. in just two months!

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Prior to partnering up with professional dancer Tristan MacManus for the series, Knight said she signed up for Freshology's calorie-controlled Getslim with the Stars program, and the pairing of exercise and healthy food was a winning combination for her. "[Tristan] helped [by] wearing me out," Knight told People backstage following her elimination. "You've got to eat healthy and you've got to put a little movement into it.”

Knight, who snacked on Power Bars and fruit in between meals, said that although her run on the show is now over, she wants to keep dancing with her partner. "I'm going to keep Tristan,” she told Us. “He can come over and work me out.”

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The hours of practice that go into the “Dancing with the Stars” competition coupled with the gourmet meal delivery service have helped many celebrity contestants undergo complete body makeovers. While it’s hard to pinpoint who has been the biggest loser — unlike Knight not every celebrity is willing to talk exact numbers — many of the stars have slimmed down significantly. Some of the most notable are Kelly Osbourne, arguably the show's most well-known transformation, who lost about 40 lbs.; Marie Osmond, shed 31 lbs.; Ricki Lake lost "more than 20 lbs."; Jane Seymour worked off 20 lbs.; and Kyle Massey, loser of 18 pounds — and 8 inches off his waist. Of course, Kirstie Alley may be the biggest loser overall: She started dropping weight before the show started and kept shedding pounds after with the help of her Organic Liaison healthy weight loss program with a total weight loss of over 100 lbs.