'Girls Cruise' Star Chilli Accused of Owing $12,000 in Back Taxes

TLC’s Chilli is accused of owing over $12,000 in back taxes to the State of Georgia.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the singer was hit with a lien by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Georgia's Department of Revenue filed a claim against the VH1’s “Girls Cruise” star accusing her of owing $12,119.95 for the year 2014. The breakdown shows the principal owed was only $7,877 but the debt grew with interest and other costs.

The lien warns Chilli (real name: Rozonda Thomas) if the debt isn’t paid in full, they can begin the process of seizing her assets and property to collect on their money

The tax lien isn't the only issue for the cast of “Girls Cruise”, as Lil Kim recently had her bankruptcy case dismissed by a federal court judge.

The rapper had filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy with assets totaling $2,573,300 and liabilities in the amount of $4,084,841.60. She owes $1,845,451 in back taxes alone.

Kim’s assets included her $2.3 million New Jersey home, 2000 Mercedes Benz worth $4,200, 2005 Bentley Continental GT ($52,600), $25k in household furniture, $5k in electronics, $5k in apparel, $25,000 in jewelry and her 3 entertainment companies worth in excess of $150,000.

Her largest creditors included $2 million owed on her New Jersey home, $1,469,105 owed to the IRS for unpaid taxes from 2004-2017, $376,346.74 owed to New Jersey for state taxes from 2004-2017 and $186k in unpaid legal bills.

The bankruptcy also revealed Lil Kim was having money issues and had to borrow $25,000 from friend Missy Elliot.

“Girls Cruise” follows Lil Kim, Mya, Chilli and friends as they travel the season on a yacht.