Ginger Zee Shows Off New Haircut After ‘GMA’ Absence: See Photos of Her Makeover

New look! After she was absent from Good Morning America for a few days, meteorologist Ginger Zee surprised viewers with a new haircut. The news personality revealed the inspiration behind her hairdo after filming an episode of the program on Friday, January 27. “I’m calling them ‘flu bangs’ — because I’m so grateful I survived,” she reflected on her haircut on Instagram. “Life is short, cut bangs, also, I may or may not have watched all three seasons of @emilyinparis when I was sick & had a little @lilyjcollins inspiration — no trauma here, just flu.” The Dancing With the Stars alum posted a selfie flaunting her hairstyle in a blue tank top. She also snapped a video while sitting in her car, shaking her hair around and twirling it with her fingers. “Flu bangs,” she exclaimed in the clip. It is clear Ginger is totally loving her makeover after having a tough week while she was sick. On January 19, Sam Champion filled in for Ginger on GMA as she battled the flu. She missed several episodes of the program as she recovered from her illness at home, with her husband, Ben Aaron, and her kids, Miles and Adrian, by her side. Lee Goldberg also stepped in on ABC while his colleague was under the weather. After making a full recovery and returning to the series on Monday, January 23, the weather forecaster decided to give her locks a big chop. Fans were quick to notice Ginger’s new look, as she also straightened her hair instead of sporting her usual curls. One GMA viewer tweeted that they were “loving” Ginger’s new ‘do. Another echoed the same sentiment, saying that the beauty “rocked the bangs.” The haircut, inspired by the fashionable Emily in Paris character Emily Cooper, left Twitter buzzing with compliments, with some also commenting that they loved Ginger’s hair color. The mom of two has blonde streaks throughout her hair. Back when she was first named the chief meteorologist on GMA in 2013, Ginger’s hair was a much darker shade of brown. In the fall of 2022, she revealed she was dyeing her hair lighter to “match my hair to the changing trees.” Ginger’s hair hasn’t been the only big change she has made over the past few years. The broadcaster has also stopped buying new clothes in an effort to reduce her carbon footprint. “Since when do you always have to have something new? We have the power to change that,” she penned in an essay on GMA‘s website in May 2022. “The industry will keep making it. We have to resist. We have to invest. We have to choose and make outfits from Goodwill, or our friend’s rummage sale.” Keep scrolling to see photos of Ginger’s new haircut.