Gillian Jacobs on what she wants to see from a Community movie

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Gillian Jacobs Says She Would Want Britta to be “Incrementally Better” in the Eventual (Fingers Crossed!) ‘Community’ Movie

Gillian Jacobs discusses what it was like taping the "Remedial Chaos Theory" episode of 'Community,' her character, "Britta," and where she'd want Britta to be in life if they made a 'Community' movie!

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Six seasons, a movie, and some growth?

Appearing on the latest episode of People TV's Couch Surfing, Community star Gillian Jacobs discussed what every alum of the beloved NBC comedy seems contractually obligated to talk about: a Community movie. But, instead of being questioned on if it will happen, it was asked what the actress would like to see for her increasingly wacky Britta Perry in a possible film.

"Incremental growth," Jacobs says with a laugh. "I mean, I wouldn't want her to have figured everything out, just a little bit. I hope she's figured out one more thing. But it wouldn't be really fun if she was suddenly like a person who had it all together.

Thankfully, Britta gonna always Britta.

Along with most of her Community castmates, Jacobs participated earlier this year in EW's video and audio BINGE of the series. In addition to discussing the final season and Britta's evolution, she weighed in on whether we will fulfill the #sixseasonsandamovie prophecy.

"I think we're all down for it," she says. "It just requires a script and a budget. [Laughs] So I think if there was a movie, we would all do it. I don't want to speak for everyone. I would do the movie, absolutely. I feel very lucky to have gotten that pilot. I mean, I get so sentimental when I talk about this stuff because, for all of us, this could've gone a different way. I could have not gotten the part. I think it was a real special combination of people and time."

Watch Jacobs' full discussion of a potential Community movie in the clip above, and check out her full Couch Surfing episode on PeopleTV.

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