Gigi Hadid called out for McDonald's partnership: 'You're promoting unhealthy, bad quality food'

Gigi Hadid is promoting McDonald’s and her fans aren’t lovin’ it.

The supermodel received a paycheck for looking pretty while holding a box of french fries over the weekend in Coachella Valley ahead of the famed music festival. She posted it on Instagram, writing, “pre festival with @mcdonalds... fed & hydrated, thanks friends!” Additional photos showed her also holding a cheeseburger.

(Photo: Gigi Hadid via Instagram)
Look, Gigi Hadid loves fast food. (Photo: Gigi Hadid via Instagram)

The controversial fast-food joint has long been a presence at the desert event and had a pop-up restaurant this year at the Bootsy Bellows Estate in Rancho Mirage on Saturday. But you don’t have to have watched Super Size Me to know about the chain’s reputation. And fans of Hadid, known for her fab figure, just slammed her for taking a paycheck to promote the famously unhealthy food option. (A medium size fries, which is 340 calories, has 16 grams of fat, 44 grams of carbs and 230 milligrams of sodium. A cheeseburger, 300 calories, adds 12 grams of fat and 22 grams of carbs.)

“I really do not understand why you would promote McDonalds,” wrote commenter @gerimccullagh. “In fact, it utterly baffles me why an intelligent, well informed and influential person like yourself would what to be affiliated with such a company. Surely it can't be for the money? There are so many other ways to be 'fed and hydrated.’”

Others felt the same way:

“Promoting a company that supports cancerous foods and obesity????” —@codyfranklin.

“It’s so sad. You’re promoting unhealthy, bad quality food, a company that is so much far away from being eco and is involved in deforestation. Shame.” —@noituloverr

“are you seriously repping @mcdonalds?! That's disappointing af, I honestly thought you were better than that.” —@warrior_pacifist

“You are gorgeous but you are promoting food that leads to obesity and ruins people’s health.” —@amina.karimovna

“Gigi I love you but maybe pick a different sponsorship they pay poverty wages and pour millions into lobbying against basic rights for their workers.” —@winnersusethedoor

“This is so wrong...” —@amerigo.valenti

And there was the group — including commenter @kyannaaxo_ — that was like: “You know you did not eat those fries”:

“You don't even eat mcdonalds.” —@imanechiguer

“When the only time you actually would get near McDonald’s is when they pay you a ton of money.” — @vampiresvibes

“Take the pic quick Becky so I can take the fry out of my mouth.” —@blake_hat

“Look at the fries which she is never gonna eat.” —@prek_12

“As if you ate it. You have enough money, what's with the pointless ads?” —@mrsglbwilliams

“Girl come on. Yolanda does not let you eat McDonald’s.” —@robbyturner

“The irony of this sponsorship. A delayed April fools maybe?” —@riyasharma.xo

As we learned from Kris Kardashian’s interview on CBS Sunday Morning, the payout for celebrity social media partnerships is big bucks. (“It’s definitely six figures,” the “momager” said about her own kids, adding it can be more for Kim or Kylie.)

While Hadid isn’t a Kardashian, she’s a so-called social media model — rising alongside bestie Kendall Jenner — with a huge following — 47.1 million Instagram followers with another 9.1 million on Twitter. Last year, she earned $9.5 million, according to Forbes.

This isn’t the first time Hadid has shown her love for McDonald’s, hitting the drive-through window with friends and asking for gift cards there (for a good cause). And she famously claims to love burgers, eating so many on TV to prove it, leading to stories like: “I’m sick of watching Gigi Hadid eat burgers.”

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