Gigantic Minion Crashes onto Dublin Street, Causing Pure Mayhem


Looks like those pesky Minions have found a new evil master.

Dublin, Ireland was rocked on Monday afternoon when a 40-foot-tall inflatable Minion broke free from its restraints and crashed down in the middle of Old Swords Road, according to local reports. The creature — a gigantic blow-up facsimile of a gibberish-speaking character from the hit animated film Minions — was caught on camera as it made its way up the Irish capital’s streets.

“I’m not sure how it got loose but I just saw it coming loose and flying across the road as we were driving,” Erin Van Londen, an eyewitness who provided the photo above, told The Journal of Dublin. The Minion’s departure from a local McDonald’s — caused by wind, Van Londen speculated — wreaked havoc on traffic in the area, causing delays and even damaging a car’s side mirror. 


The nightmare situation brought out police and emergency workers, who were able to corral the blow-up creature and deflate it before dragging it out of the way of the terrorized motorists. Thus ended the Minion’s latest physical assault on the public, following the cursing Happy Meal toy that traumatized children worldwide.

Minions has made $854 million worldwide since its early July release, including a robust $57.5 million in the UK.