Gift alert: Backstreet Boy Howie D. endorses to this Brevard-created knife sharpener

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“I Want It That Way,” one of the Backstreet Boys megahits could well be the battle cry for group member, entrepreneur and Space Coast resident Howie Dorough when he opens his Cocoa Beach restaurant, Coa, next year.

Part of what he wants is to furnish each of his chefs with an Angle Pro 2 knife sharpener, which happens to be the invention of another Brevard entrepreneur, Phil McMahon.

“It’s the perfect knife sharpener,” Dorough said.

Originally intended for home cooks, the $24.95 sharpeners have been embraced by seasoned pros such as Stuart Borton of Yellow Dog Café and Ralph Lewis of Okeechobee Steak House in West Palm Beach.

Like Dorough plans to do, Lewis purchased a sharpener for each of his chefs.

“I like the fact that it is fast, easy and accurate,” he said.

Backstreet Boy and Brevard resident Howie Dorough demonstrates how easy it is to use the Angle Pro 2 knife sharpener.
Backstreet Boy and Brevard resident Howie Dorough demonstrates how easy it is to use the Angle Pro 2 knife sharpener.

Borton concurs.

“It’s compact, easy to use and saves time in the kitchen,” he said.

It is indeed small but mighty. The spring-loaded Angle Pro 2 allows for precise sharpening of any blade angle, a good thing, since knife blade angles can vary from 13 to 21 degrees according to knife type, rendering one-size-fits-all sharpeners pretty much useless, since fixed angle sharpeners can only truly sharpen one angle of knife.

“Most home cooks have no way of knowing the angle of their knife blades,” McMahon said.

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With the Angle Pro 2, that knowledge is irrelevant, since its spring-loaded diamond pads and tungsten rods automatically adjust to accommodate different angles. There is no need for chefs and cooks to figure knife angle. The sharpener does it for them.

At $24.95 and free shipping, the sharpener is also affordable, making it easy for restaurant owners to outfit their kitchens with multiple copies. Ditto for home cooks. 

The pocket-sized appliance is actually a multiple device tha tremoves loose metal burrs, straightens blade edge and shaves off a thin layer of metal to revel a brand-new, sharp edge.

McMahon embraces “cutting-edge” when it comes to knives. The founder of Rhineland Cutlery, the Melbourne resident has more than 15 knife design patents to his name. To develop Angle Pro 2, he consulted with hundreds of pros in the food service industry, as well as reached out to home cooks for their wish lists when it came to sharpeners.

“I originally designed Angle Pro 2 for the home cook, but to my surprise it has also taken off in the food service industry,” he said.

“Who knew?”

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This article originally appeared on Florida Today: This Brevard-created knife sharpener is Backstreet Boy approved