Giada RTW Spring 2023

Gabriele Colangelo turned his artistic eye to the sea for Giada’s spring collection, catching the movements of the sea and the light refracting on the water for innovative textures, 3D surfaces and colors dissolving into one another, from cobalt blue to black and brown — nature an endless inspiration.

Colangelo’s designs are always quite sculptural but this season they were more sensual, softer and fluid, as the designer flashed some skin on open-backed dresses.

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Layering contributed to the movement, seen in the strapless knit bustiers worn on top of tailored jackets, for example.

The silhouettes were vertical and long, or revealing and short, but more body-hugging than in the past, fanning out like flowers by employing the flessage technique on the fabrics. The floral reference also came through the delicate sea daffodils stylized as prints on a light white coat or silk blouse.

There was more knitwear than usual, in silk and viscose, and transparencies, blending silk and organza.

The hand-painted motifs were beautiful and dreamy, contributing to the uniqueness of the designs.

Launch Gallery: Giada RTW Spring 2023

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