Giada De Laurentiis Makes Interview With Jerry Rice Awkward

Giada De Laurentiis and Jerry Rice were guests on Watch What Happens Live Thursday, and there were plenty of awkward moments to go round. While the NFL Hall of Fame great was discussing Super Bowl 23 — which took place in 1989 — the celebrity chef made the joke, “Was this before or after I was born?” The joke drew some boos from off-camera, and considering the NFL legend is only 8 years older than her, it came off a little catty.

Later in the interview, Giada was discussing Dancing With the Stars and implied the show is a place for washed-up celebrities to “relaunch their careers.” This prompted Jerry, who was a finalist on the show, to remind her, “You know I was on Dancing With the Stars, right?” This of course made for an awkward moment. Luckily for Jerry, he has three Super Bowl rings and owns pretty much all the receiving records in the NFL, so he’ll be all right.

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