Ghostfaces appear across America as part of Scream VI marketing tactic

Ghostface in Scream VI
Ghostface in Scream VI

Ghostface in Scream VI

If there’s one mistake the graveyards-worth of victims across the Scream franchise always make, it’s not believing they’re in the movie until it’s too late. The sardonic teens who so often fall victim to Ghostface early in the game can criticize the onscreen saps in Stab, the metafictional film series in the Scream universe, all they want; eventually, they’ll be no different.

A new marketing stunt Scream VI raises the stakes on that mistake So far, iterations of the masked, knife-wielding killer have popped up in Sonoma (where the portions of the original Scream were shot), New Orleans, and St. Louis. The A.V. Club has reached out to Paramount Pictures for comment.

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When webcam captures of the Ghostfaces Across America started surfacing on Twitter, the scary-movie obsessive himself responded from his (presumed) account. “I was just minding my business,” he responded to photos of his stint in Sonoma via the verified handle @GhostfaceTalks_; he responded to another series of images, “I’m watching you #ScreamVI.”

The tactic appears to be designed in the vein of a recent similar (and successful) ploy used to promote Smile. In September 2022, eerie so-called “Smilers” attended three different Major League Baseball games wearing the film’s signature sinister grin, spooking game attendees who caught a glimpse of them on the Jumbotron. The stunt went viral, and gave the internet a good scare; ultimately, Smile became a box-office hit, raking in a surprise $200 million.

Although Variety confirms that the Ghostface sightings are part of a coordinated marketing campaign, not everybody loves scary movies, and the stunt has reportedly prompted multiple 911 calls. Perhaps, viewers are finally starting to take a lesson from the franchise six movies in; even the most avid horror fans likely don’t want to risk starring in their own Stab.

Scream VI premieres in theaters on March 10.

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