Ghost just played a show opposite Harry Styles and watching the two fanbases queue next to each other is hilarious

 ghost fans and harry styles fans
ghost fans and harry styles fans

Yesterday on June 4, occult party-rockers Ghost played a show in Amsterdam's' AFAS Live venue. On the very same night, pop sensation Harry Styles was booked to play at the Johan Cruijff Arena, a venue less than 200 metres away.

To emphasise just how close these two buildings are, if you had tickets to see both acts, you could probably duck out from one venue and make your way across the distance in no more than two minutes, barely missing the length of an entire song.

While different musical acts playing the nearby venues is pretty common place, this weekend's booking meant that two rather polarising fanbases could be spotted standing directly parallel from each other while waiting in their queues, and the Internet is finding the scene rather amusing.

In a handful of new TikTok videos, gig-goers can be seen filming the delightful synchronicity of the booking - or there lack-of - with the pair of fan groups dressed entirely differently from one another.

Check out more videos capturing the moment below: one features Ghost fans, all dressed in black with ghoulish face-paint, with an incredibly-timed shadow fading them all into darkness. Then, panning over the street, a queue of flamboyantly-dressed Styles fans can be seen garbed in hues of pink and purple and feather boas, as one TikTokker declares: "So who's idea was it to put a Harry Styles concert, where it's all sunshine, pink, colour, right beside a metal concert, where all the goths are, in the shadow?".

Laughing, they continue (while quickly darting their camera between the two lines): "The contrast is...HAPPY...METAL...HAPPY....METAL".

Check out more videos capturing the funny moment below: