Geraldo slams Trump for leaving while COVID bill in limbo: 'What the hell are we supposed to do now?'

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Geraldo Rivera appeared on The Five Wednesday where he slammed President Trump for heading to Mar-a-Lago while the COVID relief bill remains in limbo.

On Tuesday, after months of negotiations, Congress passed a COVID relief bill, but Trump was quick to say he wouldn’t sign it as is, demanding larger stimulus checks along with other changes. If no action is taken on the bill, millions of Americans will lose unemployment aid and the government will shut down on December 29. On top of that, on Wednesday, Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act, a veto that will likely be overridden by Congress.

While others on the show blamed Congress, Rivera had some harsh words and some questions for Trump.

“What about the president? I mean, he’s threatening a veto. He’s gone on Christmas holiday. What the hell are we supposed to do now?” Rivera asked. “The president has said this is no good. What about the defense authorization part of this? What about paying the military? You know, what happens when all this funding is exhausted on the day after Christmas, or thereabouts?”

Rivera went on to castigate the president for being more focused on his attempts to remain in power than on helping the American people.

“We needed some leadership here, instead we got, I think, the president saying, first of all, making an allusion, ‘Maybe I’ll be the next administration.’ Which is farcical,” Rivera said. “But more importantly, he’s the leader of the free world. Give us some guidance.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) jumped at the chance for larger stimulus checks as Trump suggested, while Republicans have stayed largely silent. But as the government shutdown looms, along with the loss of financial support that millions currently depend on, Rivera was left wondering what will happen next.

“Now what are they supposed to do?” Rivera asked. “He’s going to Mar-a-Lago, now is Nancy Pelosi going to meet with Mitch McConnell? Are they gonna get together, get a plan? What are the American people gonna do? We’re left adrift right now.”

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