Geraldo Rivera and Jeanine Pirro get heated over undocumented migrant workers

Fox News correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera once again found himself the odd man out Thursday night while discussing undocumented immigrants on Hannity — though this particular discussion was about the necessity of undocumented migrant workers. While Rivera believes undocumented workers are necessary, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro was adamantly opposed to even the suggestion.

The argument was heated, and the two spent much of the time trying to yell over the other. Rivera pointed out that in March of last year, the Trump administration deemed undocumented workers essential as the coronavirus pandemic picked up steam. While this is 100 percent true, Pirro found it hard to believe that former President Donald Trump would do that.

While arguing her point, Pirro used unemployment numbers from last spring, claiming that 17 million Americans are currently unemployed. According to Forbes, as of last month, just over 10 million Americans were unemployed. Nevertheless, Pirro argued that unemployed Americans should be given the jobs migrant workers are doing. Rivera, on the other hand, said Pirro was being unrealistic, and that American workers would not work the fields as many migrants do. In fact, Rivera believes Americans owe a debt of gratitude to migrant workers who continued to work last spring.

“They were feeding America,” Rivera said. “When we were afraid to go to the corner store, how do you think the lettuce and the broccoli and onions were getting there? Because these people were risking their lives to pick the fruits and vegetables that were feeding Americans during the height of the pandemic.”

But Pirro wasn’t buying it.

“You think that’s why they’re here, to risk their lives for us?” Pirro asked. “ For us? I disagree.”

The yelling continued until Sean Hannity put a stop to it due to time constraints.

As for Rivera, he also poked a giant hole in the notion that Hannity and others at the network have been pushing, that undocumented immigrants are suddenly flooding the country because Joe Biden is president.

“In 2019 when Donald Trump was president, there were far more illegal crossings then, in 2019, than there are today,” Rivera said. “That is reality. Anyone could check it.”

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