'Geostorm' Trailer: The Environment Strikes Back

Nick Schager

Geostorm presents a near future when ultrahigh-tech satellites give humanity control over the weather, thus preventing catastrophic hurricanes, typhoons, and other natural disasters. Unfortunately, as the film’s new trailer (watch it above) makes plain, that’s all well and good until someone commandeers those satellites and wreaks worldwide weather-related chaos, initiating an adventure somewhere between The Day After Tomorrow and Armageddon.

In the clip, the film’s nominal hero is Gerard Butler’s Jake, a climate expert and astronaut who makes routine trips to a space station in order to help keep our global weather under control — and, eventually, to try to stop the “geostorm” once it begins creating gigantic tidal waves and snow storms that freeze airplanes and cause them to drop out of the sky. While Butler tries to save the day, Jim Sturgess teams with Abbie Cornish’s secret service agent to kidnap the president (Andy Garcia), while Ed Harris also factors into the action as one of the commander-in-chief’s right-hand men. All in all, it looks like a star-studded disaster film affair, with a heavy heaping of CGI catastrophe.

The directorial debut of Dean Devlin (who wrote and/or produced most of Roland Emmerich’s movies, including Universal Soldier, Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla, and Independence Day: Resurgence), Geostorm blasts into theaters on Oct. 20.

‘Geostorm’: Watch the previously released first trailer:

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