Georgian team wins first online chess games for women prisoners

These female prisoners are chess champions

The team won the first Online Chess World Team Championship

organized specifically for female prisoners

(SOUNDBITE) (Georgian) ONLINE PRISONER CHESS FEMALE WORLD CHAMPION TEAM MEMBER, TAMAR PKHOVELISHVILI, SAYING: "I cannot express how I feel right now, we got the champions title on October 14th. Since then, every day has been filled with emotions. We have received praise on a daily basis now, and today everything culminated with the awards. We are so full of different emotions, and we could not be happier. Despite our status, we achieved this victory."

The games were attended virtually by 43 teams from 31 countries

The Georgian women won in the final stage

against teams from Russia, Ukraine and Trinidad and Tobago

(SOUNDBITE) (Georgian) FIRST FEMALE GRANDMASTER IN CHESS AND FIVE TIME WORLD CHAMPION, NONA GAPRINDASHVILI, SAYING: "When a person ends up in such circumstances, whatever the reason may be, such an event can give them hope. Chess teaches you to think in advance, for yourself and for your family. It is a good activity."