George Clooney ruined David Oyelowo's 'mind-blowingly moving' moment with Barack Obama

David Oyelowo visited Conan on Thursday to promote his new film The Midnight Sky. While he was there, he also shared a special memory of his visit to the White House, and an unforgettable moment with President Barack Obama.

Oyelowo was invited to the White House for a screening of his film Selma. While he was there, Obama took him and a few others into a room where the president kept a special copy of the Gettysburg Address, and proceeded to read the entire speech.

“It was just so mind-blowingly moving to me to be there to experience it,” said the actor. “And it was one of those stories that, you know, even as I say it to you I can't believe it happened.”

Oyelowo cherished the memory for several years, until just recently when he recounted it to George Clooney. Clooney told him that Obama did the exact same thing with him during a visit to the White House.

“My world just sort of cratered,” said Oyelowo. “It's like a bit. It's like his little thing he does.”

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