George Clooney Recalls the Day He Was Drunk on Set of One Fine Day : 'I Smelled Like a Distillery'

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Even George Clooney is capable of a bad decision every now and then.

The Oscar winner recalled a time he showed up to work still drunk from the night before in a new chat with former costar Michelle Pfeiffer for Variety's annual "Actors on Actors" series.

The two reminisced about their time starring together in the 1996 film One Fine Day, including the time Clooney showed up to work smelling like a "brewery," according to Pfeiffer.

"I had the day off," Clooney, 59, said, so he "had a few drinks" with his friend Rande Gerber while he was in town. The two eventually started the popular tequila company Casamigos together.

"We stayed up and had a few vodkas or something. Then I came home at 1 in the morning, and I'm like, 'Oh s---.' I was pretty hammered," Clooney recalled. "I woke up at 5 in the morning. I was like, 'I feel OK.' Then I looked in the mirror, and I was like, 'Oh, I'm still drunk.' "

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When Clooney showed up on set, Pfeiffer, 62, quickly realized something was up.

"I got to the set, and we walked to the trailer and I sat down and you looked at me. You go, 'What?' " Clooney recalled Pfeiffer saying. "And I was like, 'I didn't know we were going to work today.' And you go, 'You're still drunk.' "

"I kept trying to spray whatever mouth spray I could because I smelled like a --" Clooney said before Pfeiffer interjected: "Like a brewery."

"Like a distillery," Clooney agreed.

The actors also realized they hadn't seen each other since the movie premiere, a fact Clooney joked about.

"It's been so long. I don't think I've seen you since the premiere of One Fine Day," Pfeiffer said.

"I think that was a plan of yours, actually. That's called the restraining order," Clooney joked, before recalling how the two powerhouse actors first met before their careers took off.

"I met you in 1982 when I was dating your sister, Dedee," Clooney revealed. "You were living in Santa Monica, and she was living above the garage. I remember because it was so exciting watching your career take off. All of a sudden it was Scarface, and Ladyhawke. I just remember thinking, I met someone whose career had just exploded."

Clooney can currently be seen in The Midnight Sky, which is streaming on Netflix, while Pfeiffer next stars in French Exit, which opens in theaters on Feb. 12. Both are receiving Oscar buzz for the projects.