This Genius DIY Turns Your Robot Vacuum Into an Enchanted Broom

This Genius DIY Turns Your Robot Vacuum Into an Enchanted Broom

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You know when you see something in a store and think, I could make that. And, moreover, wouldn't it be more fun if I did? Case in point, those enchanted brooms you see dancing around stores this time of year. You could buy it, but there's something infinitely more satisfying about hacking your Roomba to play the role of magic broomstick in the masterpiece that is your DIY Halloween decor.

But how to do it? DIY'er Jessica DesFosses, a Realtor based in Pocatello, Idaho, recently went viral, racking up 6.8 million views with her enchanted broom Instagram how-to featuring her trusty robotic vac. Here's a preview of the finished product, which the DesFosses family named Wanda! How cute is that?

Tip: When you watch DesFosses's DIY that follows, pay extra attention to how she cuts and styles the dollar-store straw skirt—that's the key to nailing the storybook enchanted broom look.

In real time, the project took about an hour and a half—not too much time for a die-hard Halloween fan, which DesFosses definitely is. "My family and I absolutely love Halloween and decorating for Halloween. My kids really get a kick out of my decorations," she told us in an IG message, adding, "My husband and I are setting up our 4 twelve-foot skeletons as I send this."

But, Won't My Furniture Be in the Way?

While thousands of comments poured in along the lines of "Oh my goodness I’m obsessed!!" and "My cat would Go CRAZY!!!", some Instagrammers had questions: "But what about under the coffee table?" said one.

DesFosses clarified, "It velcros on and off. The broom is for novelty around the house. If you want it to actually clean you just take it off."

If you don't already own a Roomba—or you have second thoughts about using the prized robot vacuum you scored on Prime Day—another commenter weighed in that DIY'ers could use Five Below's $20 version. We checked and that will still ring in at less that the $70 or so you would drop on a store-bought enchanted broom.

Perhaps the real question is, does this automated member of your household deserve her own Halloween costume?

Try It at Home: Enchanted Broom DIY

DesFosses's Reel goes by pretty quick, so here are our notes from several replays:

  1. Find a stick large enough to serve as the broom handle, and measure the diameter.

  2. Drill a hole in the bottom of a tall, sturdy plastic cup, matching the diameter of the stick.

  3. Place the cup upside down on the center of an 8-inch flat plastic saucer (the kind you use to protect a surface from a potted plant), and adhere using Gorilla Glue (in the video, she weights the cup with books as the glue dries).

  4. Insert the stick in the hole, and use Gorilla Tape and Gorilla Glue to secure.

  5. Use twine to tie a straw skirt around the stick to cover the cup.

  6. Use Command Strips or Velcro to temporarily attach the saucer base to a robot vac.

  7. Trim and style the straw (refer to video) and adorn with wired star ribbon.

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