General Hospital Spoilers Weekly Preview Video: Jason’s in Danger, Sam’s in Protection Mode

This week on General Hospital.
This week on General Hospital.

The General Hospital spoilers weekly video promo for the week of May 27, 2024, is here. Find out what will happen this week in Port Charles. (Also, check out our weekly GH Spoilers here).

Protect Jason At All Costs

This week on General Hospital…there’s suspense, intrigue, and danger!

First, Anna (Finola Huges) theorizes with Jason (Steve Burton — who addresses the future of Leslie Charleson here). Apparently, she wants to know if Sonny would actually attempt to have Jason and Dex (Evan Hofer) killed. How will Jason respond?

Normally, Sonny (Maurice Benard) could be reasoned with and/or protected. But this erratically behaving Sonny? He already handed Dex a beatdown. What happens in the park when the two suddenly meet up? Will Sonny recognize that Dex decided not to press charges, or will it be yet another volatile face-to-face between the two?

However, the one that looks like he’s in danger is Jason. And Sam (Kelly Monaco) thinks she’s the one who will be able to help her ex with the FBI side of things. Well, she can’t do it alone, so she enlisted Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), who tries to explain exactly what’s going on here. The Jackal reminds the Goddess that hacking into the FBI is a federal crime. Is Sam ready to give up her freedom for Jason? What will Sam decide? If she goes ahead with her plan, what will the consequences be?

Finally, Sonny ominously tells Carly (Laura Wright), “Give him a chance to walk away. What happens next is on him.” Who is “him” in this scenario? Is it Dex, Jason, or someone else like Cates (Adam Harrington)?

Whoever it is, it is clear that Jason’s life is in danger. Does Pikeman attempt to strike back at Jason? Is that who that mystery man is hiding in the shadows? Plus, is this the week Sonny finds out just how much danger he’s in? And how far is Sam willing to go for Jason? (Check out GH Comings & Goings here)

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