General Hospital spoilers: John and Jason feud over Carly?

 Laura Wright as Carly in black in General Hospital.
Laura Wright as Carly in black in General Hospital.
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Although General Hospital viewers are still waiting for the full story of where Jason (Steve Burton) has been the past few years, many of them are already anticipating who he may wind up with when the dust settles.

Of course, there are loyal #JaSam fans who are hoping Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) somehow wind up together. However, given Sam is heavily involved with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and incredibly furious with Jason at the moment for his suspected involvement in Dante's shooting, the notion of them reuniting seems like a far stretch at the moment.

Then there are those who would love to see long-time besties turned lovers, Jason and Carly (Laura Wright) give it a go again. However, with Sonny (Maurice Benard) in Port Charles, we think Carly and Jason will have an uphill battle maintaining a real relationship, though Carly and Jason may try their hardest to make it work.

Steve Burton as Jason Morgan in black in an alley in General Hosptial
Steve Burton as Jason Morgan in black in an alley in General Hosptial

But what if Carly and Jason are just not destined to unite right away? Just as a reminder, John "Jagger" Cates (Adam J. Harrington) and the FBI are holding some type of leverage over Jason to keep him working as an informant for the agency. Although Jagger allegedly threatened Jason with several years in prison for RICO charges, we tend to think he's holding something bigger over Jason's head, and this thing could be so big that it prevents Carly and Jason from uniting right away.

There's also a chance that Jason found love in his time away and has yet to reveal that to Carly. Considering she dated Drew (Cameron Mathison) in Jason's absence, it's not hard to imagine that he also has been seeing someone, so he could potentially have a split heart.

Taking a slight pivot, we have to point out that since arriving back in Port Charles, Jagger has found himself in Carly's orbit a few times. While their interactions haven't been the most amicable, at the end of each interaction, Jagger looks almost "satisfied." The kind of satisfaction you see when a love/hate relationship blooms.

Adam J. Harrington as Jagger in a suit in General Hospital
Adam J. Harrington as Jagger in a suit in General Hospital

Loyal General Hospital fans know that Carly has a history of starting romance from a place of loathing. She hated Lorenzo Alcazar (Ted King) when she first met him, but eventually, the two fell in love and got married. She also wasn't a fan of Jax (Ingo Rademacher) at first, and outside of Sonny, she's managed to reconnect with him the most. So could Jagger and Carly be setting the foundations for such a romance?

If Carly and Jagger do develop some kind of spark, we could be looking at a repeat of a love rivalry viewers saw when the Jagger and Jason were teens fighting over Karen Wexler (Marie Wilson). Although Jagger would eventually best Jason for Karen, would be he able to do the same with Carly? Considering Jason and Carly may face the previously mentioned obstacles, we can't count Jagger out.

We'll be paying close attention to General Hosptial to just what lies ahead for this trio.

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