General Hospital Spoilers: Instant Regrets for a Horrified Sonny

Sonny is horrified.
Sonny is horrified.

General Hospital spoilers for the Monday, May 20 episode focus on characters in crisis. Sonny is in a dark place, Kristina must be consoled, and Anna confronts an injured Brennan.

Not So Sonny

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) wedding went as smoothly as possible (Go behind the scenes of the extravaganza). The reception was all happiness and joy…until it wasn’t. The lesson of this story? Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Dex (Evan Hofer) in the same place: NOT a good mix.

Sonny took the opportunity to hand Dex a beatdown, and when Jason (Steve Burton) attempted to stop him from further pummeling his former right-hand man, he threatened both of them. When the dust settles, look for Sonny to feel horrified. After all, he assaulted a future PCPD cop. He no doubt has to wonder why he couldn’t refrain from such a public display of violence and mayhem. It’s almost as if he was compelled. Will he try to discover the reason? More importantly, will he be able to stay out of jail?

Consolation and Quick-Thinking

Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) consoles Kristina (Kate Mansi) after she witnesses Sonny’s dark side for herself. She knows what everybody’s been saying about her father. But she’s been quick to defend him. How will her relationship with Sonny change after this? Has the stress of the situation affected her health? Moreover, she had to know her father wasn’t a saint, right? (Check out what else is in store for GH this week)

In the melee following the assault, Jason summons his bestie, who wasn’t at the wedding. Carly’s (Laura Wright) presence may be needed for Joss (Eden McCoy), who is also at the wedding. Or maybe Jason thinks she can talk sense into Sonny if he’s still around. Carly knows something is seriously off with her ex-husband. Will Jason and Carly give in to their curiosity and discover what’s wrong with Sonny?

Apologies and Aggression

While the wedding reception raged on, Brennan (Charles Mesure) had his own party going on at Pentonville. Clearly, he wanted to do anything to get out from behind bars, even temporarily. So he made a shank and stabbed himself. Of course, he made it look like someone else did the dirty deed. That clever fellow. Now that he’s in the hospital, Anna (Finola Hughes) takes a moment to confront the former WSB Director.

Finally, Gregory (Gregory Harrison) was a rock star when he officiated his son’s wedding. Now that he can relax and the reception is over, he wants to apologize to Finn. The two have clashed repeatedly over the last few months, mostly over his care. Will Finn (Michael Easton) accept his father’s apology? More importantly, will he accept and take the mea culpa to heart? Or will he struggle over his wedding slip-up?

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