Gen V viewers think Cate is lying about her final mission from Dean Shetty

 Maddie Phillips and Shelley Conn in Gen V.
Maddie Phillips and Shelley Conn in Gen V.
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Warning: major spoilers for Gen V episode 7 ahead – proceed with caution if you're not up to date yet!

Shelley Conn in Gen V
Shelley Conn in Gen V

The latest episode of Gen V featured some pretty explosive reveals – literally, in the case of Dr. Cardosa. Another similarly gory end was met by Dean Shetty, who slit her own throat after being manipulated by Cate.

Towards the end of the episode, Marie, Emma, Jordan, Andre, and Sam are all called to Shetty's house by Cate, who tells them everything she'd learned about the deadly Supe virus and about Shetty's last mission for her: to kill all the young Supes being held captive at testing facility the Woods. But was she really under Cate's control? And can we trust Cate? Some Gen V fans aren't so sure.

"So, Shetty's final task for Cate is actually the illusion she just pulled on them and leading a revolt of the Supes in the Woods. Shetty would never ask Cate to kill all of the kids at the Woods (what Cate claims to everyone) – Shetty needs to villanize Supes not martyr them," one viewer pointed out on Reddit. "What better way to excuse something like the virus than to secretly sponsor a violent uprising?"

Even if what we saw was one of Cate's illusions, some viewers are still convinced that Shetty actually died. "She may have been crazy enough to sacrifice herself for the cause," noted another user. "I don’t see how she could have faked her death or survive that."

"Shetty most likely suspected that the doctor might narc on her," added another. "Sacrificing herself this way was the only way for Shetty to guarantee that the virus will be spread. The freed infected Supes will infect everyone else at the school in an uprising."

Of course, the virus is now in the hands of Victoria Neuman, a politician and secret Supe from The Boys who has the same powers as Marie. We know that Gen V season 1 will directly set up The Boys season 4, so it seems like the virus will have a big role to play in the future of the Vought universe, one way or another.

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