What GEN V’s Season 1 Finale Means for THE BOYS

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In a world full of superheroes controlled by an evil, all-powerful global conglomerate no good deed goes unpunished. That’s what Marie, Andre, Emma, and Jordan learned in Gen V‘s season one finale. But while their medical facility/prison has no doors, the show revealed a way out for them. A post-credits scene featured the world’s foremost supe hater is on the case. Billy Butcher stopped by The Woods to see exactly what Vought was up to at Godolkin University. While he might be looking for a virus that will play a major role in The Boys‘s fourth season, he could also find some super new allies who hate Homelander, too.

Homelander sneers on Gen V
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Dr. Edison Cardosa had been secretly working on a way to give Vought “compassionate control” over its superheroes. His monstrous experiments in The Woods resulted in a virus that left supes—and supes only—weakened. But Godolkin Dean Indira Shetty pushed Cardosa to not only make it more dangerous, she wanted him to make it contagious. Shetty also wanted him to make it airborne. She hated supes because she knew Homelander was responsible for her husband’s and daughter’s death in a plane crash that occurred during The Boys‘ first season. Shetty wanted the virus to exterminate super-abled beings all over the world.

After threatening Cardosa to give her what she wanted, Dean Shetty reached out to Grace Mallory, former Deputy Director of the CIA and founder of The Boys. Shetty said her project was getting more dangerous and she needed help. The Dean thought Mallory would happily work with her to “neutralize” every supe on Earth. Instead Mallory—who now has Starlight as an ally—called Shetty’s plan a “war crime.”

Mallory holds a cellphone showing a dead, infected supe on Gen V
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Shetty said she’d continue with her plan alone and left. That’s when Mallory pulled out a phone and asked someone if they “got all that” and to “keep a close eye” on the Dean. Mallory had someone record the entire conversation. Shetty provided proof of the horrible experiments Vought had been performing on kids at a school.

Meanwhile, thanks to a drunken Cardosa’s rant inside Dean Shetty’s office, a hidden Marie and Jordan learned about the virus. Marie then told a visiting Victoria Neuman all about it after Neuman revealed she is secretly a supe and they both share the same blood manipulation powers. In fact, Neuman had been secretly helping Marie for years.

Homelander watches Vought News as it promotes Sam and Cate as heroes on Gen V
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Congresswoman Neuman would not help Cardosa escape the predicament he’d unknowingly created for himself. The Vought doctor had inadvertently made a virus that would destroy the company’s very own superheroes. The doctor was very happy when Neuman contacted him about the virus and happily gave over every vile in existence to her. He believed they were on the same side. However, once the doctor confirmed he was the only one who knew how to make the virus, Neuman blew up his head.

With Shetty (forced to slice her own throat by a furious Cate) and Cardosa both dead, the only person who has access to the virus is Victoria Neuman, a powerful, dangerous superhero who could potentially use the bio-weapon on enemy supes. She can also use it as leverage over Vought and anyone else who gets in her way. But Neuman isn’t the only one who knows it exists. Mallory and her Boys know, too, a fact Gen V reminded us during its season one finale post-credits scene.

The season ended with Billy Butcher showing up to examine the abandoned Woods facility. There he saw what Vought had been doing to its own young superheroes. (Which he described with his signature vocabulary.)

Butcher Billy smirks in the dark on Gen V
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What exactly was he looking for there? Evidence of the virus and how to create it? The remains of a supe who died from it? Documentation of what really transpired? Anything that could support what Mallory recorded Shetty saying about the program? All of that and more? Whatever Butcher wanted—even if it was just a chance to see firsthand the depravity of Vought—might not be as valuable as what he didn’t find.

In the season finale Cate and Sam unleash The Woods’ patients on the humans of Godolkin. They wanted vengeance. Andre, Emma, Marie, and Jordan stopped the massacre, saving Vought’s entire board of trustees in the process. For that they earned Homelander’s scorn. (The very tough Marie got a laser eye blast to the chest.) Homelander accused them of killing their own “kind.” That earned all four a spot in a secret Vought medical facility. They’re imprisoned there while the world celebrates the free and clear Cate and Sam. Vought—under Homelander’s watchful eye and smile—is promoting the two of them as the “new” Guardians of Godolkin.

Andre, Marie in a bed, Jordan, and Emma in a bed all wearing medical robes in a medical facility in Gen V's season one finale
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Vought is trying to bury the truth once again, but the company’s biggest enemies know about those dark secrets. And in the world of The Boys, where even Billy Butcher has learned to work with good, kind, moral supes, the four real heroes of Gen V might be just what he needs to reveal what the evil conglomerate is really all about. They’re all now natural allies, anyway. Those locked-up God U coeds are enemies of Homelander now. They need Billy as much as he needs them.

Well, they need each other and a deadly virus that can kill Homelander. Billy Butcher will probably wants to find that just as much as he does Godolkin’s true Guardians.

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