Gas Prices Drop to 2-Month Low as More Stations Sell Fuel for Less Than $4 a Gallon

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Detroit Charity Holds A Free Gas Giveaway
Detroit Charity Holds A Free Gas Giveaway

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Average gas prices across the country have dipped to just over $4.50 a gallon, according to AAA.

The national average for a gallon of gas fell 15 cents since last week to $4.52, and is in steady decline due to lower domestic demand for gasoline at the pump coupled with a lower global price for oil, the automobile association said Monday.

The cost of a barrel of oil is in the mid-$90s, down from around $110 two weeks ago, the organization noted.

"Global economic headwinds are pushing oil prices lower and less expensive oil leads to lower pump prices," said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. "And here at home, people are fueling up less, despite this being the height of the traditional summer driving season. These two key factors are behind the recent drop in pump prices."

This marks a two-month low for gas prices, according to The Washington Post.

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Monday's national average of $4.52 is 46 cents less than a month ago, but still $1.36 more than a year ago.

In many places, particularly in southern states, gas prices per gallon hovering right at the $4 mark, according to AAA. The organization reports that South Carolina ($4.02), Texas ($4.03), Georgia ($4.03), Mississippi ($4.04) and Louisiana ($4.07) have the lowest averages as of Monday.

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Currently, nearly one in five gas stations is selling fuel for less than $4 per gallon, CNN reports, citing OPIS, a surveyor of gas station locations that computes price averages for AAA.

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The news comes as a welcome respite for Americans who are venturing on the road for summer vacations, or out of pure necessity.

A couple in Indiana, whose 15-year-old daughter suffers from bone cancer, recently shared details of their struggle to get her to lifesaving treatment.

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Jinger Vincent, who was diagnosed with the illness over a year ago, has to attend medical and physical therapy appointments almost every other day, which requires her and her parents to travel up to an hour from their home, according to CBS News.

The outlet reported that the family spends over $200 a week in fuel due to high gas prices and has had to cut costs and turn to high-interest loans to make things work. A GoFundMe established to help the family has since raised over $70,000.