Gary Busey is a pet judge, Sofia Vergara joins ‘AGT’ and more of this week's best in pop culture

During the coronavirus pandemic, “The It List'' is spotlighting things you can enjoy while social distancing. Gary Busey serves up pet justice in a new comedy series. In the six-part show titled, “Gary Busey: Pet Judge,” the actor presides over animal-related disputes —where else — in a courtroom. Watch out Judge Judy! Judge Busey is making moves. “Gary Busey: Pet Judge” premieres Monday, May 25 on Amazon Prime. Sofia Vergara may be done with “Modern Family,” but she’s not taking a TV break. The actress joins season 15 of “America’s Got Talent.” She shares judging duties with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. Terry Crews returns as host. It’s amazing to know that you can change the course of some people's lives for good,” says Vergara of her new gig. “America’s Got Talent” premieres Tuesday, May 26 on NBC. Check out the video above for more of “The It List,” Yahoo’s weekly look at the best in pop culture.

Video Transcript


NARRATOR: "The It List" is Yahoo's weekly look at the best in pop culture. With the coronavirus pandemic in mind, here are our picks for the week of May 25th.


Gary Busey is serving up pet justice in a new comedy series.

- Well, he's got a great point there. And the sign that says "no snakes allowed"-- that keeps them out.

NARRATOR: In the six-part series "Gary Busey: Pet Judge," the actor presides over animal-related disputes where else? In a courtroom.

- That make sense?

- No, Gary Busey.


- Gary Busey, Pet Judge.

- Put the goat in my van.

NARRATOR: Watch out, Judge Judy. Judge Busey is making moves.


"America's Got Talent" returns for season 15 with new judge Sofia Vergara.

- It's very exciting to sit next to you.

- Heidi, nobody can understand you--

- I'm sorry.

- --with that accent.


- Well, it's amazing to know that you can actually change the course of some people's lives for the good.

NARRATOR: Vergara joins Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, and Howie Mandel as judges, with Terry Crews as host. Talented hopefuls, including these little piggies, compete to win America's votes and a one million dollar grand prize.


- Whoa!




NARRATOR: "The High Note" starring Tracee Ellis Ross and Dakota Johnson goes straight to video on demand.

- In the history of music, only five women over 40 have ever had a number one hit, and only one of them was black.

NARRATOR: The movie skips its planned theater release and instead is available to rent on most on-demand platforms.

- Grace, I didn't want to tell you or Jack, but I did a cut of your song.

- Hey, hey. I can hear y'all. You know it's a damn microphone in there, right?

NARRATOR: And, yes, Ice Cube plays a damn cool record exec.


Steve Carell leads an all-star cast including the late Fred Willard in the Netflix series "Space Force."

- POTUS wants complete space dominance. To that end, the president is creating a new branch-- Space Force--


--which Mark will run.

- [CHOKES] Mm, what?

NARRATOR: A 10-part podcast called "Inside Joke" premieres alongside the series. It will have interviews with cast and crew.

- Oh, he is blowing it, just like you thought. Yeah, it is a complete [BLEEP] show. Oh-- my dry cleaner. Yeah, yeah, they, uh-- they lost my dress whites.


NARRATOR: Look who has a talk show.

- And now, everybody's favorite 3 and 1/2-year-old red monster, Elmo.

- Ha ha!

NARRATOR: "The Not Too Late Show with Elmo" is jam-packed with celebrities and familiar Sesame Street pals. The family-friendly show offers kids a nightly ritual to help them wind down for bedtime. It's called "Not Too Late Show" because Elmo's bedtime is 7:30.

- It fun for whole family.

- Whoa!

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