How Garrison Brown’s Family Plan to Honor Sister Wives Star Through Clothing Company

Garrison Brown
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The Brown family is still very much recovering from the tragic loss of Garrison Brown. The Sister Wives star was found deceased in his Flagstaff home due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. For years, viewers have watched Garrison grow up on the small screen. And in most reason seasons, he shared his fallout with his father, Kody Brown. The father and son didn’t see eye to eye on how to handle the worldwide pandemic. Ultimately, Garrison was left feeling abandoned by the polygamous patriarch.

Garrison and Kody were still very much estranged and hadn’t spoken since Covid times. Sadly, there was no buddy/buddy relationship, and the two weren’t able to reconcile before his passing. But no one saw this end for Garrison. Even though the family is still mourning this terrible loss, they are determined to keep Garrison’s legacy alive in a very special way.

Bob’s Florals

Garrison was a lot of things, and he channeled a lot of hobbies. One of his pride and joys was his Hawaiian T-shirt, Bob’s Florals. In 2019, shortly before the worldwide pandemic took over, Garrison opened up his online clothing shop. The store sold shirts, dresses, and swimwear. After a whirlwind opening, Garrison temporarily paused his clothing line. At the time, citing “My reopening plan is BIG but needs time to be executed.” The sixth child of Kody shared, “I wish for Bob’s Florals to be made domestically and with care and passion for those who seek an easy-going lifestyle.” Sadly, the shop was never reopened under Garrison’s command.

New start

The Brown family seems to be looking to keep the legacy of free and easy living alive. The U.S. Sun confirmed that some of Garrison’s family members are looking to give the shop a rebirth in his honor. Bob’s Floral LLC is still active and in good standing. A source close to the family also acknowledged that the family plans to “carry on” with his dream. The source noted, “He was definitely planning on working on his clothing, but before his death, he wasn’t really doing much of anything, truthfully.”

As Sister Wives viewers learned, Garrison was quite low. The source revealed, “He was depressed and was unhappy, and he didn’t feel like he was getting much success from anything.” Garrison had no immediate plans to relaunch his site, even though fans were eagerly waiting.

However, the Brown family has decided to start up Bob’s Floral once more. They shared, “But now, oddly enough, there are conversations within the family about how they’re going to try to keep his legacy alive.” I could see Janelle Brown taking the wheel as she is both creative and finance-driven. After leaving Kody, this would be the perfect hobby to keep her busy and honor her son. The source noted, “They plan on carrying on some of his dreams, which can be done by his brothers.”

The Brown family remembers

The insider also shared that the Browns are “working on creating a foundation for him.” A few ideas are being tossed around, but the foundation could be geared towards saving animals. The family source noted, “They’re going to turn what happened into a positive.” Garrison’s death brought the Brown family together forming an impromptu family reunion.

Some of Garrison’s siblings hadn’t seen their father in years due to a massive falling out. In funeral photos, Sister Wives fans could see that Kody, Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, and Christine Brown were all in attendance. Hunter Brown, Paedon Brown, Mykelti Brown, and Leon Brown were also included. All opted to wear Garrison’s shirt in honor of him. Kody chose to wear a pink dress suit and blue suit jacket. The reason being he was in mourning and “didn’t feel like parading around in a colorful wardrobe.”

The source commented that choosing to wear the shirts was a “sentimental thing between the kids.” So, while Garrison may be gone from this earth, his legacy won’t be forgotten.


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