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Garcelle Beauvais Is Not Having Lisa Rinna's "Shady" Digs in Dramatic RHOBH Preview

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Reaping what you sow.

For Garcelle Beauvais, her two seasons on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have come with plenty of ups and downs with her co-stars. And now, a recent sit down with on-again, off-again frenemy Lisa Rinna is turning into a major fight.

After Garcelle told Lisa she felt like she didn't look out for her as a friend, Lisa is ready to give Garcelle some advice on being more engaged with their pals. During this exclusive sneak peek at tonight's episode, airing Sept. 22, Lisa calls out Garcelle's approach to her relationships over tense dinner.

"Garcelle, let me ask you a real question," Lisa starts. "You have shared that you don't feel comfortable in this group..."

Garcelle clarifies, "I didn't say I didn't feel comfortable. I said I didn't feel accepted."

Lisa says, "OK, you didn't feel accepted. Do you like the women at this table?"

"Absolutely. Some more than others," Garcelle states.

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Lisa pivots, "OK. If you want to be included, you really need to make an effort to be a friend."

In a confessional, Lisa further explains why this is an important discussion to have with The Real host. "I have known Garcelle for over 20 years, and I think that we've all really made an effort to make Garcelle feel more comfortable in this group," Lisa reflects. "We had a birthday for her at my house. But here's the thing: Friendship is a two-way street, and Garcelle didn't even know about Kyle's birthday. I think that if you want a friend, you need to be a friend. So, she has to make an effort."

Back at the dinner table, Lisa continues speaking to Garcelle, "For you to say, 'These women are coming after me,' it wasn't cool, Garcelle."

Speaking of cool, Garcelle coldly replies, "Who doesn't feel that I don't like them?"

Lisa shuts it down: "Garcelle, I know you. You need to be more straight up."

Lisa Rinna, Garcelle Beauvais, RHOBH screengrab
Lisa Rinna, Garcelle Beauvais, RHOBH screengrab

"Come on, give me a f––king break," Garcelle sighs. "Get out of here."

Lisa points to Dorit and urges Garcelle to "be straight" about how she feels about Dorit. "Because you can be shady," Lisa adds. "Garcelle, just be honest."

Watch the juicy clip above to see Garcelle's reaction!

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