Gamers are divided on this streamer refusing to refund an accidental $350 donation

A streamer refused to refund a $350 donation that the donor claimed was an accident, sparking a debate around the moral ambiguity behind stream donations. LosPollosTV received a startling $350 donation from a viewer and went into a rant when the viewer requested his money back. The viewer claimed that they actually intended to donate $3.50. Furthermore, the viewer also claimed that if they didn’t get the $350 back, they wouldn’t be able to pay their bills. “Get the f*** out of here, bro!” LosPollosTV yelled on his stream. “Get the f*** out of here! You wanna pay for the fees? Give me the fee money and I’ll pay your f****** s*** back”. “It literally says all donations are non-refundable,” Los continued. “What’s up? Like, are you trying to sue?”. Los’ rant sparked a lively debate on Reddit about streaming and donations. “Jesus people keep your money to yourself, these people don’t give a f*** about you,” A Reddit user advised. “Look after your bag”