‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: Cersei’s Revenge, a Sad Death, and Fire Meets Ice

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The moment Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for finally happened: Jon Snow, Bastard of Winterfell, met Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen. But they got off on the wrong foot when Jon refused to bend the knee for the queen. After talking to Tyrion, the Mother of Dragons decided to let the King of the North mine Dragonstone for dragonglass.

Stark reunion

Meanwhile, in other Stark-related news, Bran returned to Winterfell! But the good feelings didn’t last for long as emo Bran bummed everyone out by bringing up Sansa’s wedding night with Ramsey. It was a creepy way to let Sansa know he can see everything as the three-eyed raven.

Cersei’s revenge

All that was fun and all, but the episode titled “The Queen’s Justice” was mostly about Cersei getting her revenge. Euron Greyjoy brought Cersei her “priceless gifts” — the Sand women from Dorne. Cersei locked them in the dungeon and then kissed Ellaria’s daughter with the Long Farewell, the same poison the Dornish woman used to kill Cersei’s daughter. With Ellaria chained and gagged right next to her daughter, Cersei told her, “You will live to watch your daughter rot. To watch that beautiful face collapse to bone and dust.”

Cersei was also winning the war against Daenerys. While the Unsullied were able to take Casterly Rock, the majority of the Lannister army marched on Highgarden and Euron destroyed the Unsullied’s ships, stranding them on the Rock. Jamie and the army took over Highgarden, and Jamie headed up to Lady Olenna’s room. The tart-tongued Lady knew her time was up, and Jamie let her die with dignity by pouring some poison into her wine. After Lady Olenna drank the wine, she told Jamie that she was the one who poisoned King Joffrey. Then, before Jamie left her to die, Lady Olenna told him, “Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.” You will be missed, Lady Olenna of House Tyrell!

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