‘Game of Thrones’ Brings Dre and Junior Together on ‘Black-ish’

On Black-ish, with Dre’s favorite child, Zoe, heading to college soon, he was forced to befriend another one of his children. But when Zoe suggested he bond with his son, Andre Jr., Dre couldn’t believe it.

Dre and Jr. didn’t have anything in common to bond over until Jr. introduced his father to Game of Thrones. The popular HBO fantasy show was also popular with Dre, and soon he found himself binge-watching it with Jr.

Things started out well, but they went downhill quickly. One night, Dre barged into Jr.’s room, while he was sleeping, and angrily shouted, “Why didn’t you tell me the Red Wedding was a bloodbath?! I went in with an open heart!”

Watching the show together got so frustrating that the two decided to watch the rest of the series in their respective rooms. But the G.O.T. plots were just too juicy for the father and son to not talk about, so they quickly made up.

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