Game of Silence: Will You Keep Playing?

NBC laid out the playing field for its Game of Silence on Tuesday night, with a special apres-Voice preview. Will you follow the show to its regular Thursdays-at-10 time slot, to find out the fate of the Quitman boys both in the past and present?

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Adapted by exec producer David Hudgins from the Sleepers-inspired Turkish series Suskunlar, Game of Silence stars David Lyons (Revolution) as Jackson Brooks, a Houston attorney who, on the heels of adding a beautiful and successful fiancée to his life, is visited upon by two childhood friends, from their old, small hometown of Brennan.

Having not seen Jackson in 25 years, Gil Harris (Terriers‘ Michael Raymond-James) and Shawn Cook (Rescue Me‘s Larenz Tate) show up in his office after a fourth friend, Boots, is arrested for attacking one of their brutal fellow inmates from Quitman Youth Detention Facility, where they spent nine months up after injuring a woman during a joyride. At Quitman, the four friends were “like lambs to the slaughter,” Jackson tells us, subject to any number of forms of abuse at the hands of inmates and guards who did Warden Carroll’s bidding. (Gil, for one, was regularly a “special guest” at “parties” thrown by the warden, turn him into an adult with a hair-trigger propensity for violence.)

Also in the mix of friends is Jessie (Bre Blair), Jackson’s first love who now is with Gil — and the one they were protecting from a drunk mother at the time of the childhood joyride. Jessie is in the dark thus far about the guys’ Quitman abuse and present involvement in Boots’ situation. Yet she also has a secret, briefly glimpsed at in a rainy, burying-a-body (?) flashback to her and Jackson as younger adults — yet they both lie to the others they haven’t seen each other in decades.

Boots gets shivved to death at the county jail, after which Darryl, the guy he bludgeoned with a golf club, is snuffed in his hospital bed found shot dead, landing the remaining friends in the crosshairs of Detective Winters (Deidrie Henry). And the hole they’ve dug only gets deeper in the weeks to come, as Jackson, Gil and Shawn’s mission to exact justice on their Quitman abusers runs afoul of the local criminal organization now run by the warden-turned-lieutenant governor and Terry, another of the guys’ former tormentors.

What did you think of Game of Silence, which now airs Thursdays at 10?

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