Here Is The 'Game Of Thrones' Series Finale, But As An Homage To John Hughes

What if “Game of Thrones” gave us an ending that properly explained how every character ended up and was set to the tune of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears?

If you’re like us, you love that idea. If you’re like YouTuber Dan Olson, you make that a reality.

In a now-viral video, Olson cuts together the final scenes of several surviving characters in the series finale and includes blurbs on what they got up to after the credits rolled. And he set it to a sweet, uplifting ’80s jam, inspired by classic John Hughes movie endings that do the same.

(Sadly, Olson’s edit does not involve a super-imposed Judd Nelson thrusting his fist or Molly Ringwald beside a cake.)

Olson’s edit imagines that the Night’s Watch disbanded and that many Northerners died of starvation in a “devastating winter” during Sansa Stark’s rule. Arya baked one more person into a pie, never marrying, while Bronn was killed in a bar fight.

King Bran “brutally ended” wars before they began.

In more uplifting news, Ghost “stayed a good boy and got many more pats.”

This ending was arguably better than the one we got from HBO. Thanks, Dan!

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