Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman Won't Be Bisexual in the Movie, But 'Maybe in the Future'

DC Comics writer Greg Rucka made headlines recently when he acknowledged what many fans of Wonder Woman have long suspected: that the superhero is bisexual. With that news in mind, we wondered whether her sexuality would be represented on screen in next June’s highly anticipated solo adventure Wonder Woman?

“It’s not in the film,” Gadot told Yahoo Movies (watch above) while visiting our studios with her Keeping Up With the Joneses castmates Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher, and Zach Galifianakis. “In the film she falls in love with a man [Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine]. But in general — I read this article as well — I think Wonder Woman is all about heart, and she cares for people without paying too much attention to their gender. So that’s an option, but we never experience that in [Wonder Woman].”

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The Israeli-born Gadot, who made her debut as the Amazonian warrior in what was generally regarded as one of the brightest spots of this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and will also appear in the team-up Justice League movie due in November 2017, indicated she’d be in support of seeing Wonder Woman’s civilian alter ego Diana Prince take on a female love interest down the line. “Maybe in the future, who knows?” she said.

Gadot already has one volunteer to play said female love interest. That would be her co-star Fisher (Now You See Me), with whom Gadot shares a kiss (and a dressing room scene) in Joneses, a high-concept comedy about an average suburban couple (Galifianakis and Fisher) whose mundane lives get decidedly more exciting when a pair of suspected spies (Hamm and Gadot) moves onto their quiet cul-de-sac.

“In the sequel, there will be me,” Fisher said before landing on her own superhero name. “A ginger woman… Ginger Woman. And I come onto the island. And we fall in love.”

Keeping Up With the Joneses hits theaters Oct. 21.