Gal Gadot Says She and Her Husband ‘Put Egos Aside’ While Working on ‘Heart of Stone’ (Exclusive)

Gal Gadot Says She and Her Husband ‘Put Egos Aside’ While Working on ‘Heart of Stone’ (Exclusive)
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The ‘Wonder Woman’ star tells PEOPLE she and her husband Jaron Varsano, who is also a producer on her new Netflix movie, ‘agree to disagree’ while on the job


Gal Gadot has the recipe for success when it comes to working with her spouse.

In the new issue of PEOPLE, Gadot, who produced the action spy thriller Heart of Stone with her husband, entrepreneur Jaron Varsano, says the secret to a harmonious collaboration is to “put the egos aside.”

Continues Gadot, who stars as an intelligence agent in the movie, “I think our biggest thing is once we agreed to disagree, it kind of took all the tension away because he has his own point of view, I have my own, and it's okay if we don't think the same.”

Gadot (who spoke to PEOPLE in June, prior to the ongoing actors' strike) says the best part of working together is the fact that “he's so much better in the areas that I'm not strong in. And also, who's going to take care of my interests better than my partner?”

Gadot and Varsano founded their production company, Pilot Wave Motion Pictures, in 2019.

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David Crotty/Patrick McMullan
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan

Gadot adds that she feels fortunate she was able to bring her family with her while making the movie, which shot in London, Portugal, and Iceland, among other places. Gadot and Varsano are parents to Alma, 11, Maya 6, and Daniella, 2.

“The fact that with these big movies that I'm so lucky to get to do, you get to travel for long period of times, far away—and this way we're doing this together and it works brilliantly actually,” she says.

For the most part, Gadot says, her kids join her when she’s on location. “I'm always traveling with them, unless it's like a two-week thing, and then I don't want to disrupt them,” says Gadot, who divides her time between Europe and the U.S.

“But most of my projects have been filmed in the U.K. so we literally have a school in L.A., we have a school in the UK, and for the longest time, our oldest thought that a school year is six months, because she would be in school for six months then the second semester in a different one.”


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The Wonder Woman star met Varano in 2006 at a "chakra/yoga retreat type of party" in the Israeli desert, as she told Voguein 2020. "He was too cool for school. Like, we were in the same group of friends, but I didn't know him and he didn't know me," Gadot said.

Just a few minutes of conversation were enough to intrigue the Fast & Furious actress. “Something happened kind of from the first moment we started talking,” she told the magazine. "When we got home, I was like, 'Is this too early to call you? I want to have a date.’”

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Varsano was equally enamored. “Both she and I were at a stage in our lives where we were thinking about what is love and what is a relationship,” he added. “We started talking at 10 p.m., and we kissed at sunrise and we held hands on the drive back to Tel Aviv. At that moment, we were just glued together. It was beautiful.”

Heart of Stone streams on Netflix Friday, Aug. 11.

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