Gabriel Iglesias Channels Donna Summer to Win ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias took on mixed martial arts fighter Randy Couture during a spirited round of Lip Sync Battle Thursday. Gabriel was supposed to be the funny one, but he ended up beating the bruiser pretty soundly.

Randy started his performances strong, doing the Roger Rabbit to Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.” He followed it up by donning a headband and rocking out to Olivia Newton-John’s “Let’s Get Physical.”

Gabriel started off a with a little ’90s jam you may have heard called, “I Wanna Sex You Up.” And while the performance was fine, it was nothing compared to his next performance as Donna Summer singing “Hot Stuff.” He was so into his performance that he didn’t even mind falling pretty hard while dancing in heels.

The crowd rewarded Gabriel for his final effort by crowning him the champion.

Lip Sync Battle airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Spike.

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