Gabi’s Freedom May Be Within Reach on Days of our Lives

Rafe and Jada are on the trail of Li's true killer.
Rafe and Jada are on the trail of Li's true killer.
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Rafe and Jada dove into the investigation of Li’s death on the Tuesday, May 14 episode of Days of Our Lives with their newfound evidence. Plus, Alex and Kristen and Tate and Holly finally hooked up, setting up interesting storylines for both couples.

The Game is Afoot

Rafe (Galen Gerring) and Jada wasted no time in acting upon the police lab’s findings. Not only was Li’s (Remington Hoffman) blood confirmed to be on Clyde’s (James Read) little black book of encoded information, but Gil’s (David S. Lee) fingerprint was also in the blood itself, making the late henchman a prime suspect. It didn’t take long for the daring duo to assess that all of this evidence warranted re-opening Li’s murder case.

Kristen (Stacey Haiduk) had already known about this, and ran to Stefan (Brandon Barash) to inform him before the Salem cops could arrive to tell him the same thing. More than happy to get his wife exonerated, Stefan allowed them to take all the information regarding employees who worked at the Bistro since the time of Li’s death. Finally! The Salem PD might be able to change their image from the Keystone Kops to Sherlock Holmes and exonerate Gabi (last portrayed by Camila Banus).

There’s one catch: Stefan pointed out that the DA, E.J. (Daniel Feuerriegel), hates Gabi with a passion. However, Jada noted that E.J. has no choice but to follow the evidence and the law. Despite not liking his sister-in-law, E.J. isn’t beholden to Clyde or anyone else to keep her imprisoned. That being said, he can be a real jerk sometimes and may make the investigation a little difficult for Rafe, Jada, and Stefan. Kristen and Stefan had giddy looks on their faces when the cops left with a box full of personnel files, as he’s hoping to get his wife back, and she’s hoping to become CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Time will tell if the Salem PD can prove their worth and link Gil to Li’s murder once and for all.

Two Couples Finally Admitted Their Desires

Tons of boxes arrived at Alex’s (Robert Scott Wilson) place, and it didn’t take Theresa (Emily O’Brien) long to learn that he was spending his inheritance like a drunken sailor. She wasn’t too happy to find out that he was next going to move into the DiMera Mansion, so she finally admitted that she didn’t really want to break up with him in the first place. The two kissed and were headed off to the bedroom. But the look on Alex’s face, when Theresa shared her innermost, was telling. He’s been having fun with Kristen on the side, initially in an attempt to make Theresa jealous. But now that he’s seemingly back with her, is he going to keep seeing Kristen on the side, or is he going to break things off with her? (Find out why Alex and Theresa deserve each other.)

Meanwhile, a bummed-out Holly (Ashley Puzemis) was boo-hooing to Tate (Leo Howard) that she couldn’t go to the prom and nearly broke up with him until he revealed he had feelings for her. The two kissed in the school hallway and are now an official (yet still secret) couple. Their Romeo and Juliet love story can only go so far before their parents get involved further, which may cause Holly to do something rash. This relationship has promise, with the odds stacked against them, so it would be nice to see if they both are able to make good decisions moving forward that won’t get them into any further trouble.

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