Gabe Lee Takes the Long Way to Getting ‘Over You’

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gabelee-overyou - Credit: Brooke Stevens*
gabelee-overyou - Credit: Brooke Stevens*

Gabe Lee’s latest song “Over You” has its origins in the sting of loss — specifically, when the Tennessee Titans fell in heartbreaking fashion to the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2021-22 season playoffs.

“That in itself is a history of letdowns,” says the Nashville native. “[But] I was inspired, in between moments of sad whiskey and memories being shared by my music manager Alex Torrez and his pal Scott Gunter.”

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After hearing his industry pals share their stories and nursing his wounds, Lee went home and wrote a song about heartbreak. Set in three-quarter time, it’s a wistful ballad about slowly putting the pieces back together after you’ve been broken to bits, along with examining your own role in the wreckage. Lee gives a soulful vocal performance, lamenting that “the rain has all run out, still my faith ain’t come around.”

It’s a song that works just as well for describing one’s relationship with a professional sports franchise as one’s romantic woes, and it ultimately ends up in a place of hard-won acceptance.

“[The song] outlines as much my own shortcomings in faith and love as those of the other party — ‘gone and done it again, run my emotion razor thin,’” Lee says. “I treat most of my life experience with a positive outlook, but sometimes the punches keep comin’ and heartbreak will hit in any number of ways.”

“Over You” appears on Lee’s upcoming third album The Hometown Kid, which arrives Oct. 28 via Torrez Music Group. The release follows Lee’s 2020 effort Honky Tonk Hell, which landed on Rolling Stone’s list of favorite country and Americana releases of the year.

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