G-Eazy's Stillhouse Liquor Company Partner Accused Of Choking His Wife, Child Services Investigation Launched

G-Eazy's partner in the booze industry has some major legal problems after his wife filed a restraining order against him and the Department of Children and Family Services is investigating the company's owner for allegedly choking his wife.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Stillhouse owner and founder Brad Beckerman is being accused by his wife Chase of several instances of domestic abuse throughout their marriage.

In the docs, she says the most recent abuse happened in late July. Chase claims Brad "threatened to kill me, to f--k me up ... when asking him to leave he forced his way into car, when texted him to leave home he took my phone + keys + deleted cell history."

She also described several past incidents during the couple's marriage. She claims, "There are many instances over the past few years. Exact days are unclear. He threatens to kill me. An example, driving home from zoo w/ kids sleeping in car Brad says 'You are such a f--ing b---h, I wish I could swerve the car so I could see your brains on windshield.'"

"At another time, he held me by my neck + chocked me against wall in our bathroom while our son was in our bed watching cartoons. (I have photo)," she continued.

Chase claims that DCFS launched an investigation after she reported the abuse to the police. She claims the kids were present for some of the incidents, writing, "Right before mothers day – in front of the children grabbed my arm + pulled my hair and threatened to 'f--k me up,'" she said.

A judge in Los Angeles ordered Beckerman to stay 100 yards away from his wife and the family home, and stripped him of custody of their two kids with no visitation. A hearing is set for later this month.

Beckerman was married to singer Paula Abdul for 17 months in the 1990's. They filed for divorce in 1997.

G-Eazy said in an interview when the partnership was launched, "The thing I love about it is the smaller can feels like a flask and it’s shareable that way and you can take it anywhere. One thing I love that I identify with so much about the brand is having one foot that’s nostalgic, American dream of mid-century, blue collar, and one foot in the future. This is like nothing else, it stands out. It’s innovative, it’s forward thinking and that’s just aesthetically and visually one thing I’ve always tried to do within my brand."

We reached out to Stillhouse, so far no comment.