The Funniest Part About Taylor Swift At That Football Game Was This Picture Of Her Eating "Seemingly Ranch"

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Yesterday, everyone lost their damn minds when Taylor Swift showed up at a Chiefs game to support her *alleged* boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift in the crowd at the Chiefs game
Cooper Neill / Getty Images

It was chaos!

Fox/ Twitter: @nhlella

Things got really weird when a Taylor Swift fan account tweeted a picture, pointing out that she was seen "eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!"

"Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!"

Here's the "seemingly ranch" picture in question:

Twitter: @PopCrave

And just like that, that two-word term quickly became a thing.

"seemingly ranch!"

"Seemingly ranch" is everywhere.

Twitter: @crtnydvs

People are waking up craving chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch.

Twitter: @vardaanarora

They're making "seemingly ranch" friendship bracelets.

Twitter: @crosby_871

And even Ritz Crackers is in on it.

Twitter: @Ritzcrackers

The whole thing is spiraling.

Twitter: @sweatylamarr

It's a full-on meme.

Twitter: @fulmiez

"I would kill for a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch," this person said.

Twitter: @hawkins_calebb

"'Seemingly ranch' is probably now a permanent vocabulary fixture," another said.

Twitter: @consumin_human

I'm personally waiting for to acknowledge it.

Twitter: @lovr23_

It's even (obviously) been combined with the Kevin James meme.

Tony Esparza/CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images/ Twitter: @BeeSideTapes

It's just wild that my entire timeline is literally full of people talking about "seemingly ranch."

Twitter: @evvydose

It's all so ridiculous...

Shutterstock/ Twitter: @aidantriola

...and I'm honestly loving it.

"couldn't stop muttering 'seemingly ranch' in my sleep last night"

Thank you to that fan account for giving us "seemingly ranch."

Twitter: @nolanmobie

And ultimately, I'm not a financial advisor, but if I was, I'd say invest in RANCH.

Twitter: @louisablue02


Taylor giving the thumbs-up
Jason Hanna / Getty Images