Funko Pop Unveils X-Men ’97-Inspired Miniature Collection

Image via Marvel Studios
Image via Marvel Studios

Funko Pop has released a slew of miniature figures inspired by the upcoming animated series X-Men ‘97. Serving as the toy company’s first X-Men ‘97 collection, the newly released bobbleheads include four of the franchise’s fan favorites: Bishop, Cyclops, Gambit, and the notorious X-Men villain Magneto.

No release date has been set yet for the upcoming continuation of 1992’s X-Men: The Animated Series, though it will most likely arrive around the fall of 2023. Even then, despite the considerably lengthy wait, Funko Pop heightened the anticipation for the reboot by releasing its first-ever X-Men ‘97 collection. Coming soon via the company’s official website, all four items retail for $15. You can check out the newly released figures below:

The Mutants Will Return to Fight a New Threat

X-Men: The Animated Series has amassed massive followers since its release in 1992. So when Disney+ announced in 2021 that an X-Men ‘97 series was already underway, fans were — of course — excited to watch the mutants on their new adventure. Although some details remain up in the air, head writer Beau DeMayo previously revealed during SDCC 2023 that the production for Season 1 is going “really, really well.” Additionally, ahead of the release of the animated series’ first season, a second season has already been confirmed.

“It’s like I said in there, we’re just in post [production] on Season 1… Literally writing the season finale for Season 2 right now. It’s going well. I could not be happier… It’s a gargantuan effort with a truly like guerilla tactic, small, but very dedicated team,” said DeMayo.

The official synopsis for X-Men ‘97 reads: “Storm and Wolverine try to continue the X-Men. Magneto comes in and wants to step up for Charles Xavier. Sinister comes in to try to end the X-Men once and for all.”

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