New Funko Fusion Trailer Cramming Even More Franchises Into This Nightmare

Gif: Funko / 10:10 Games / Universal / Kotaku
Gif: Funko / 10:10 Games / Universal / Kotaku

A new trailer is here for Funko Fusion, a game that looks more and more like a fever-dream mess of giant-headed characters from popular movies and shows. The game is out this September, so get excited, because our monoculture future is getting closer and closer!

In April 2023, the world was introduced to Funko Fusion, a third-person action-adventure game starring Funko Pop figures with their big heads and beady eyes. The upcoming game is being created by some former Lego game devs and will feature multiple Universal-owned franchises and IP. Now, a year after that initial first glimpse, a new trailer is here to reveal even more IP being shoved into this bizarre pop culture concoction, including characters from Nope, Hot Fuzz, and The Mummy.

While we knew about some of the IP featured in this game, thanks to last year’s first look, this new trailer reveals that The Mummy, Hot Fuzz, Battlestar Galactica, and even 2022's Nope will be included in the upcoming game.

Between these two teasers and a quick rundown of IP toward the end of the new trailer, this appears to be the current list of franchises being crammed into Funko Fusion in an effort to get people excited about a video game starring Funko Pops.

In a Game Informer preview published on April 30, it sounds like the gameplay in Funko Fusion will be similar to what was seen in the last Lego Star Wars game or in other popular third-person games like Fortnite.

Players will be able to complete missions set in different worlds based on various franchises. According to Game Informer’s preview, not every IP is getting its own massive, fully-developed campaign. Some will just be smaller cameo levels that will be hidden in other worlds. One example given was a small level based on Shaun of the Dead that’s hidden in a bigger world based on The Thing.

Funko Fusion is a horrible evolution on Fortnite’s IP mixin’

While I know there will be people excited to see some of their favorite characters and franchises being featured in Funko Fusion, I can’t help but feel like this is the next horrible step in our journey toward all pop culture merging into one big, boring grey blob. Say what you will about Fortnite and Smash Bros, but at least those games seem to be somewhat respectful of each franchise and allow each character to be itself.

Funko Fusion, on the other hand, follows the Funko Pop formula and forces all of the characters and creatures to be nearly identical. They are all these big-headed things with beady eyes and tiny bodies. It feels like the cheapest and saddest way to mix beloved characters together.

If Fortnite and WB’s Multiversus are like rummaging through the pop culture graveyards and scrapheaps for content, Funko Fusion is like digging into the junkyard behind the company that makes ugly knock-off action figures and toys based on popular things. But hey, Funko has sold millions of its figures over the years. So people like it and I expect this upcoming game will be successful, too.

Funko Fusion will released on September 13 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Yes, it seems like it’s skipping Xbox One.


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