"Fruitcake Fraud"

"Fruitcake Fraud" tells the story of the famous Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas.

Video Transcript

- Her defense, of course, was that she didn't know. Just the level of spending and knowing how much he was making and how much they were spending, that didn't make sense. She had to realize that something was going on.

- We were interviewing her friends and gathering evidence specific to Kay Jenkins while she said that she didn't know how much things cost.

- One of the highlighted items from the search of the home was actually the ledger.

We have necklaces and bracelets. Here we have diamonds and rings.

Kay had the itemized list and inventory, including the dates and amounts spent on each item of jewelry that they had acquired.

Multiple rings, some pearls.

That was really helpful.

- The amount of spending that was specifically tailored to Kay Jenkins was a huge portion of it.

- We had discovered with the bank loan application for the Santa Fe, New Mexico property that there had been false statements made on that application. And those false statements were signed under penalty of perjury by both Sandy and Kay.

- They had to sign a mortgage statement in which Sandy said that he made 25,000 a month, not 50,000 a year. And she had to co-sign that. For me, that's it right there. She had to know that things weren't on the up and up.